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--Originally published at Carli's T509 Blog

In this course, I want to learn more about not only MOOCs but other forms of large scale teaching. Whether or not MOOCs in their current form exist in ten years, I think that new understandings of how to scale up education will emerge from work done on current MOOCs and I think that this will have important implications for both free online learning and for teaching at traditional accredited institutions. I think that the course readings and lectures will touch on many of these issues.

I am also interested in considering how “open” MOOCs truly are. Even completely free MOOCs require that participants have access to a computer, have sufficient knowledge to feel comfortable in moderately complicated online spaces, and be able to use the website. I think that the discussion of MOOCs sometimes overlooks the fact that these limitations might put off people who would otherwise be interested in taking courses on these topics. I think that this will also be a topic of discussion in class, but I hope to further pursue it through my final project on MOOC accessibility. I will feel that I have succeeded if I have been able to evaluate the accessibility of several MOOCs across platforms to form a picture of the current state of access to MOOCs.