How to Contribute via Your Own Blog

How to Contribute via Your Own Blog

blog-cubeMany people don't know what to do with their own blogs. Instead of making original content they use the help of writers, for instance, Even if this service is a good helper, is it still a good tactic, though?

Use your own digital writing space to share ideas, reflections, best practices via any external blog site. We can subscribe to any blog that publishes an RSS feed.

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How to Get Started

If you do not have a blog, maybe this is the time to try your hand at blog writing. You can set up you own writing space in minutes using any of the following free services:

How to Contribute to the Course Site

Just provide us via our web form the home address of your blog. Once we subscribe to your blog, our site will automatically check yours for new content on a regular basis, and publish a copy of your course related posts to the blog hub.

All links from the Institute site will take a reader back to your original post.

Note that the course site will only check your blog once an hour for new content, so there can be a short lag before your new blog post appears in the hub.

See a list of the blogs in our subscription queue.

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