How to Contribute via Twitter

How to Contribute via Twitter

twitter-128Twitter is perhaps the easiest, quickest way to share resources, have discussions via social media as short messages 140 characters or less. And you can tweet via the web, smartphone, even SMS. You may look through the instructions at

See the Twitter Hub

How to Get Started

If you do not have a twitter account, you can create one at A good place to start is to follow people you are interested in listening to, colleagues, and friends.

How to Contribute to the Massive Site

To have your tweet appear on the site, just include our hashtag #t509massive in a twitter message and we will collect it here on the Course twitter hub. For example see these example tweets (see how they can include media and links).

Note that the course site will only check once an hour for new tweets, so there can be a short lag before your most recent ones appear in the hub.

If you lack a smart phone, you can also post to this site via SMS- see the guide Getting started with twitter via SMS — just remember to use the hashtag #t509massive in your message.

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