Week 2 Wrap; Week 3 Preview

Week 2 Wrap; Week 3 Preview

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Thanks for another great class session. There is a lot of work to do to get a participatory class like this off the ground, but it’s exciting to see. The lesson's summary was posted at the site of our mba essay writing service. We’re getting work done in three dimensions:
  1. We’re developing a shared understanding of the field, by examining its history and some of the contours of present-day learning; 
  2. We’re exploring possibilities for deep investigation by proposing projects; and
  3. We’re building our technical capacity for a shared platform for networked learning by developing our own spaces on the web, with blogs and Twitter 

We’ll continue each week to journey down these three pathways, of shared ideas, projects, and online discourse. It’s more moving pieces that a typical course, but I have every confidence that you will make it worth the investment.

In reflecting on our last class, I hope you’ll take a moment to see how Audrey Watters posted notes from our conversation at her Hack Education blog: http://hackeducation.com/2014/09/10/teaching-machines-teaching-at-scale/. Audrey provides a great example about how a learning experience based in a residential classroom can be a contribution to a broader learning network. She took her talk notes and slides and wove them together into an extended blog post. She also took our tweets from the session, which represented some of your questions and highlighted thoughts, and organized them in a Storify page. The storify has been viewed over 600 times in 18 hours, and link to the blog post has been retweeted 50+ times. What could have been an experience solely limited to the fifty of us in the room, has been made accessible for hundreds or thousands more.

I find this kind of shared educational production quite moving.

To Prepare for Next Week

By the end of today (Friday), you should have either filled our the partner survey or completed proposing an independent project or conducting a partner project. I’m hoping that by Monday I can give you all feedback on the process. It’s been incredibly excited to discuss your interests and read about your ideas.

As always, take a few minutes to check the t509massive hashtag, and this week definitely visit the Blog Hub, which has about 10 blogs from class syndicated so far. Some great initial thoughts and reflections from your classmates! (Also, consider signing up to bring snacks.)

Class on Wednesday will be in the lecture hall from 4-6pm. Then from 6-7:30, we’ll run a series of optional sessions to help support your project work. More details on this as we learn more about your projects. We’re trying to develop learning opportunities to support you in real time.

***I’ve changed the syllabus slightly for next week****

  • I added as a requirement for class Wednesday that you complete the Blog Challenges as best you can. Please try to have submitted your blog URL for syndication by Wednesday. If you need help, we’ll run some social media extra help clinics before and after class on Wednesday. Come by G-08 at 3pm, or stay later.
  • I added one Rabbit Hole reading: the Connected Learning Report from the Connected Learning Alliance. If you are a K-12 or informal ed person, I recommend it very highly.
  • I moved the DS106 Daily Create assignment from Required to Rabbit Hole. But they are fun. 
  • I moved the Participation Proposal and Rubric to be due Friday, instead of Wednesday. But start it before class. Describe how you want to contribute to our online learning network. Describe how you would like to evaluate your contributions. What would awesome look like?

Tweet or email if you need help getting it all sorted out. We’re building a strong foundation for the rest of the semester!

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